AFRI is working to provide hope, health and life. AFRI provides both a full Medical Clinic and Mobile Clinic to help the people of Akwa Ilom and the currounding communities. Before the clinic opened, people had to travel very far to receive any medical assistance. Even then, what was provided was not always up to date or sanitary. The clinic serves in other parts of Nigeria. In this photo, surgeons are performing in the operating room. AFRI is responsible for teaching health care, AIDS prevention, and knowledge to fight against the superstitious practices that many of the villagers indulge in.

Making a Difference

Components of AFRI Healthcare


Pre- Post Surgery

25 Bed

Preventative Medicine

Mobile Clinic

Medical Education



Prenatal Care

Pediatric (Deworming process)



Birth At Home Assistance

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More Than Just a Mobile Clinic

In order to reach more people, AFRI also provides a mobile medical clinic.  This clinic is able to travel to other villages and visit patients who are unable to make the journey to the hospital.   Besides delivering physical care, the Mobile Clinic also serves as an out-reach program.  Local minister, Akaninyene Essien,  explains that the program is in fact very effective.  "We preach the word of God and pray with people each time we are on the mobile clinic. We demonstrate Jesus’ compassion for the people and the benefits of being in him. Our dedication to this task is yielding results and we hope more will be accomplished. “ With your help and support, AFRI is in the business of healing both bodies and souls.